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America's Love Affair with Automobiles
The love of automobiles is as American as apple pie. Apart from getting us from A to B cars have enough personality to qualify as a member of the family. Indeed the family car sits outside rain or shine like a family dog waiting on its master (or mistress) to take it for a spin to the grocery store, work or a family vacation.

Remember how dogs always seem to look like their owners? Well vehicle owners tend to select brands that mirror their character traits. Granted a soccer mom buys the Chrysler Dodge Caravan because it hauls eight hyperactive kids in comfort, now complete with drop down LCD Tv screens. But most of us choose an automobile for its style, comfort, performance and of course price.

We are governed by our pocket book. We may feel Royal and desire a Rolls Royce, Van Plas Jaguar or a Bentley but reality dictates the Toyota Corolla. Nevertheless we rationalize that if we work hard and save on gas with the Corolla we might one day buy the Rolls.
Around the world car cultures are very diverse. The Brits are probably the most interesting having ignited the passion for automobiles and "motoring" with such splendid icons of automobilia as the Aston Martin DB5, Austin Healey 3000, the Jaguar XKE, Morgans and MGs. Even the humble Morris Minor is iconic, competing with the Volkswagen Beetle as the "People's Car". Today one can observe 1950s British automobile DNA still driving around India as the ubiquitous Ambassador saloon, favorite of Congress Party bureaucrats!

Japan too, with its odd road tax laws, spawned a generation of ultra fuel saving mini cars (under 600cc) that were way ahead of their time in fuel economy. While a visit to Rome reminds us that Italians were precient 40 years ago introducing the tiny Fiat Uno and Isetta three-wheeler. Today Rome, with its ancient narrow streets, is the global capital for Swatch and a plethora of urban mini cars.

And certainly, with the current imperative of Energy Independence, development of new fuel efficient cars has to be an urgent priority. Toyota saw the future coming and created the Prius. Honda too gave us the Hybrid Civic. These visionary Japanese companies paved the way in automotive innovation. Now General Motors is betting its future on the Chevy Volt , a very well built Electric Hybrid for the masses. This Volt project demonstrates that driving enthusiasts don't have to suffer poor performance by owning an environmentally sensible car.  The Chevy Volt is a smooth silent wonder with quick acceleration and a decent all-electric range. Beyond that, a small efficient internal combustion engine charges the battery.

India's automobile industry is also racing ahead to the future: Tata Industries' new Nano mini car will put on the road a million new drivers each year, who would otherwise not be able to afford a car. The Nano seats five and cost a mere $2500!

This site is part of a growing network of emerging automobile sites that will cover history, the culture, performance, parts, repairs, diagnostics and repair advice for car and truck owners worldwide. Car customization, an American passion, will also be covered along with the world's huge catalog of auto accessories for "pimping your ride".

Some sites in our network will specialize in detailing such fascinating subjects as spark plugs, mufflers, lift kits, tires, diesel engines, hybrids and 4x4 conversions for the dedicated off roader.

In fact "Four Wheelin'" is our passion and you'll find links to 4x4 Expeditions, great off road tire sites, locking hubs, and even 4x4 utility vehicles for hunters, farmers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Stay tuned, bookmark this page and visit often. See you on the highway!

AMERICA - The land of Big Rigs, 4x4 Off Road Enthusiasts and powerful V8 engines. The country where hunters enjoy the wilderness in their 4x4 Utility Vehicles such as the spectacularly capable Yamaha Rhino to souped up Dune Buggy desert rats, we all love Four Wheelin' FUN!

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